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26 June 2010

Why yes, I did race in June, thanks for asking!

Alert (and OCD) readers will note that I have not yet posted about a June race. And there is a good reason for that: Not my finest hour.

Not my finest hour+, actually; it is my favourite race distance and I sure did set a new PR-- for my slowest time ever. I knew I was moving slowly; didn't know how slowly until I saw the clock at the end. Yikes!

Anyway... the June race is held in the aptly-named Levelland, and it begins & ends on the campus of my former college. (Go, ... um ... forgotten mascot!) I've been really lax about my running as of late, so much so that on Friday before the race, I kept forgetting the race distance. ("What am I running tomorrow? A five mile, maybe... no, could it be a 10 mile? No, wait! 10K, that's it, 10K!")

So it was hot, because we reach the 100+ days early in this part of the country, and the 8 AM start does not do much for making it cooler. And the wind was blowing; unfortunately, the direction meant we were against the wind on the way back instead of the way out. Ugh, not good.

I dumped a couple of cups of water on my head, as is my usual practise, but I forgot to put a baggie over my iPod that morning. So, here is the procedure: Get cup, slow to a walk, switch hands, unclip iPod so that I'm holding it in my upwind hand, sip water, sip again, spit it out because I took too big of a sip, hold iPod waaaay out from my body, pour water over my head. Drop cup. Run a few steps while blinking sunscreen-logged water from my eyes. Decide it is safe to clip iPod back on, try it, change my mind. Run a few steps more, managing to transfer as much water from my previously-dry hand to the iPod as possible. Finally stop dripping and reclip iPod.

Yep. I did that twice.

So, I finished, no medal, had a laugh with a few friends, and assured some questioners that yes, we will be at the July race. And then drove home to watch USA v England.

Don't expect me to blog about that.

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