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25 June 2010

Another "last" is in the books.

Let me tell you about it.

I mentioned before that there is never any telling which kids at church will like us & which will not. I guess this is true for any adults who get to be around kids a lot-- it's always a surprise which ones respond best to which adults. And of course, it's fun for us regardless-- but much easier when the kids like us enough to pay attention when we tell them things.

So, it was out of the question for us to have a gathering with all the South Plains kids, but there are a few Journeylanders who make it a point to stop & say hello to us when they see us, and two little sisters in particular seem to appreciate our presence. So, we invited them over for an evening.

We made and decorated (and ate! It's a good thing we're leaving-- their parents would never let them come over again!) two dozen cookies. We painted our nails. I put hair wraps on both of them (and these girls have some loooooong hair, so it took a while). We watched some Disney channel. Chad wound them up by stealing the remote control. :)

And at the end of the evening, they paid us the ultimate compliment by being reluctant to go.

We're going to miss these kiddos. (Cookie pics to come, once I get them off my camera.)


Timbra Wiist said...

i read all of your blogs by the way. . . you usually give me something new to read when i need a fix . . .unlike those you mentioned on FB earlier :) can you explain journeyland to me? i've never fully understood. i'm glad your time is coming to a close in a lovely manner, though i'm sure still hard to say goodbye.

Su said...

That's a "planned" post... I have pics to go with it, but haven't taken the time to get them off yet. So, yes, Journeyland post is coming eventually. :)