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11 June 2010

Journey(land)'s End... Forever

This place is getting so soppy, I'm about to give myself a cavity. I do hope to find a slightly more upbeat tone once I'm back in the land of learning and surrounded by even nuttier people than I currently hang about with.

But until then... the end of May saw us at the end of Journeyland. Forever. (You know, unless we find a church in Austin that does Journeyland; then I'll feel pretty silly for posting this at all.) For our final rotation, we made socks:

And also key chains, but I don't have any pics of those.

We think Journeyland is a fantastic program, and if I remember to take my camera to SP this Sunday, I'll post more about it later. The biggest reason it is so wonderful, IMO, is not what it has done for the children; it's what it has done for the adults. Each rotation requires 16 teachers and 16 Journeymen, in addition to the faithful volunteers who keep the Journeyman's room stocked, get the kids checked in, and patrol the hallways (probably while very bored) during class to help lost children or teachers who urgently need something. Forty different adults, every rotation, for the entire school year, and I'm pretty sure we all love it.

Thanks for the memories.


Ms. Right said...

I know for a fact the kids will miss you! My kids cannot believe y'all are moving "so far away" but have made me promise we will see y'all again! You are the cupcake lady! :) If you made this impact on my kids, I can only imagine what a memory y'all will leave with all the Journeyland kids! We love y'all - to the moon and back!

Su said...

Wow, I'm amazed that your kids remember one day that I gave them cupcakes. It's amazing what sticks with kids!! I love you & your children, and you will all certainly see us again. :)