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21 June 2010

Is leaving town the only way to get any attention around here?

After the aforementioned slumber party, we've moved into the realm of having adults in our house.

(Okay, adults and their children. We haven't barred the door to teens, or anything.)

Chad says I'm trying to spend time with every person I know in Lubbock before we go, which is kind of silly; South Plains alone has something like 1000 members; we can't possibly have all of them in our house!

So, we had a few people over last week. And a few more this week. And one final round next week. Just to be sure everyone knows that we appreciate them before we go, because after all, there is no guarantee of when or where (or if!) we will see them again, something I learned all too well when I left Glasgow. And, as it happens, people are more willing to make time for you when the time you have to spend together is short. (Geez, I make it sound like we're dying.)

Plus, having people over means I can make all my favourite foods that are generally too much fuss to make for two people. Result!

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