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15 June 2010

Sunday Drivers

I'm up to Sunday, yes?

We got up bright & early (okay, bright & normal time) to make the trek to Bloomington for church. Yep, we really did turn this trip into the Wilcox world tour. In this instance, we went to see Kyle & Cheryl, some friends of Denise & I from our Spring Mill days (which are much closer for her than for me-- she's been a counselor in recent years, while I've only set foot on the grounds once since 1998).

We left with plenty to time to arrive in Bloomington, find the church, and then go find a coffee shop. The church we were visiting is just east of the Indiana University campus, and thanks to the navigator app on my sister's phone, we saw a great deal of it while looking for the nearest Starbucks. It turned out that if we had just gone left instead of right, we'd have found one more easily, but it was nice to have a little tour of IU. And the guy at the Starbucks was pretty fun-- Chad wasn't sure what he wanted, but our server was paying attention during the training about suggestive selling (at least, that's what we called it at Chick-fil-A). Chad ended up with a delightful chocolate drink that was much better than the minty herbal tea I got instead of the black tea I wanted.

So, back to the church we went, and inside the door was a woman who I thought looked familiar, but I had the wrong name in my head. So when she introduced herself as "Amber", I merely introduced myself & then moved on for Chad & Denise to likewise meet her. We got about three steps past her & Denise said, "Isn't that--?" Yeah, it was. We grew up with Amber; she was graduating when I was still in middle school, but her parents' house is about a mile up the road from my parents'. So we turned back & said hello for real. I'm so glad my sister is on top of things.

The service was great; Kyle led the singing, and after a couple of songs Chad leaned over to ask me if he conducts a choir or something along those lines. I told him, "Not that I know of-- he's always been this good," and of course that gave Chad & Kyle something to talk about at lunch.

We went to McAllisters, where neither Chad nor Denise have ever eaten, Denise because there isn't one in Greenfield, and Chad because the Lubbock version is near Tech, where we never go. We sat for about an hour and a half talking and watching the kids keep us entertained. It was nice to have such a long conversation with friends we haven't seen in ages, but all things must come to an end, and so it is with lunch. We hopped back in the car & still managed to miss race day traffic going back to Greenfield, thank goodness.

The kids were at Grandma's house; apparently they had been waiting for us all afternoon. Such patience from little ones! We played a few rounds of Old Maid & Upwords to make our day complete.

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