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12 April 2011

J is for June

Every now and then I remark that June is my favourite month. But I've realised in the past couple of weeks that actually, that's not true any longer. My favourite month for the past few years has been April.

"April?" I know you are all asking. "What's so special about April?" It's quite simple, really; April in Texas = June in Indiana. Hence the reason for my small shift in loyalties.

In Indiana, June mornings are fresh, sometimes still a bit chilly as summer is still getting geared up. The days are the longest of the year. And-- best of all when I was a kid-- it's the first half of summer vacation. There's nothing better than the first half of vacation, right?

In Texas, April mornings are fresh, sometimes still a bit chilly as spring is still getting geared up. The evenings are longer, thanks to the recent shift to Daylight time. And-- best of all now that I'm an adult-- summer vacations are no more, so I don't spend a lot of mental energy waiting for them. I've learned to enjoy (or not) each day as it comes.

So, June in Indiana, I loved you so. Don't worry; I'll still come to visit from time to time. In the meantime, my friend April in Texas and I are having a great time.

Which is your favourite month?


Anonymous said...

october....always a surprise

Tiger85 said...

I have to say April is my favorite month. The beautiful skies and rain. Spring flowers. And no bees. =)

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Michelle M. said...

here via A to Z challenge.
April is good, but I'm loving me some May. It's warm enough to take that first trip to the beach (my favorite place to go) and there's no longer a chance of below freezing temps. I'm a warm weather kind of gal!

Margaret Hall said...

Well, I really like September..oh, I know we are not close, but this April has been a bear so far!! (As was March)...June?..I am hoping past hoping that June can be gentle, dry up the lawn, and allow some planting, actually! Great thoughts on June...Good to visit!
See you at "K"...

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I wish our June wasn't so humid and warm.

Michelle in a shell said...

November!!! Solely because of Thanksgiving! I've never actually liked June mainly because I'm from Miami where it is extra hot and rainy then :/

Su said...

@mybabyjohn: An excellent point. I only don't like it because autumn is not my favourite. Wait-- which hemisphere are you in?

@Tiger: Oh, we already have bees. But we have all the other stuff, too!

@Michelle: Fair point. I like May, too.

@Margaret: I've heard others say the same thing... we've been very lucky with our weather the past couple of weeks.

@Diane: Me, too. June in Indiana > June in Austin.

@Michelle: I had a coworker get around that a couple of years ago by organizing Thanksgiving in July. It was fab. But I'm with you on the hot & humid-- although now that I've mentioned it 2x, I realise I haven't seen June in Austin yet.

Anonymous said...

Ryan says that your blog should be "Cheekiness."

a runners' life said...

I love July/August when I'm in Poland and December/January when I'm in Australia - as long as it's sunny and above 25degrees Celsius :)

Su said...

@Grahame: Ryan would be correct if I were interested in doing it the "right" way. ;) I'm well aware that it's misspelled!

@Runner: The best of both hemispheres! I love it!

Trisha said...

In June, it's cold and blustery and rainy here. Which is why I too love June :D

Su said...

Yipe! To each her own. :)