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03 April 2011

Sweet Fellowship

If you aren't familiar with the Acappella album by the same name... well, that's a bummer for you. Here's what it looks like:
Singers.com says it was recorded in 1988. To which I can only say, "Yeah, okay." It's not like I was keeping track back then. I'm not sure that I knew Acappella existed until 1990.

So! The A to Z Challenge takes Sundays off (one A to Z blogger-- can't remember who-- says it's for good behaviour), so we're back to my regular nonsense instead of alphabetical nonsense. And while I'd love to make this post all about Acappella and my personal history with their very inspiring music... it's not. Because today at church we're having a potluck. And so I'm going to pull a page from JEFritz's blog, as it were, and talk about words-- minus the informative and careful research that she does.

The church I grew up in called fellowship meal "pitch-ins", because everybody pitches in something. Then I moved south and found out that down here, the same event is called a potluck. While this sounds slightly less messy, my cheeky self also finds it a bit worrying: Potluck? Why is luck required, exactly? What are they putting in their food? At least they don't all stand at the door and chuck it into the room, which was the image I had in my head for years as a kid (okay, it's still there, I admit it!). But I feel like I need to buy a lottery ticket to get into a potluck.

Then there are the churches that avoid all the confusion and snark altogether by calling it a "fellowship meal". Booooriiiing. There's just not enough to make fun of there to keep me interested.

Which would you rather go to-- a pitch-in or a potluck? And more importantly... what should I take?


Anonymous said...

I kind of like the sound of the "pitch-in". Everyone pitching in to help make a meal for the whole gang. It has a more organized sound to it than "pot luck" which means to me that you'll be lucky if there are enough pots of food to feed everyone.
What should you take? Do you want to cook? When we had pot lucks at work (yes, we called them that) there was always certain people that brought paper plates/napkins/plastic forks/plasttic cups/paper tablecloths...certain others always brought jars of pickles and olives or trays of cheese or buns and butter. We had our bakers who always brought deserts. The same folks always brought juice and pop. That left preious few of us to bring real food. Ideas for real food....a crock pot of chili, a mound of chicken wings and legs breaded/barbq, salads of all kinds, samosas, cold meats for sandwich fillings,lasagna... Oh yeah, we could eat!!
Have a great time. Whatever you bring will be appreciated.

RJR said...

I think Potluck is a phrase I would be more used to hearing but I prefer the idea and sound of Pitch-in. Food without luck sounds more appealing.


Kari Marie said...

Pitch-in sounds better than Potluck. We used to joke that the potluck meant you'd be lucky to get something you wanted to eat. In my neck of the woods if 20 people were asked to bring a dish to a potluck you'd get 10 variations on tater tot hot dish, 5 jellos (with fruit!), and 5 mysteries.

P.S. LOVE Acappella

Tiger85 said...

I grew up hearing it called a potluck. I never really thought much into it. Pitch-in sounds good though, you would know what to expect from that name. I've noticed at these events there seems to be more desserts than side dishes and entree's. Not always but the majority than I have attended have. So maybe an entree or side dish? =)


Su said...

@mybabyjohn: Yeah, the luck side has so many interpretations. All worrying.

@RJR: Unless it's Lucky Charms. Which I've never seen at a potluck. ;)

@Kari: The "mysteries" always worry me a bit. And I'm so happy to see a fellow Acappella fan!

@Tiger: Very true... desserts are easier than main dishes, I think!

And thanks, everyone, for the food suggestions. I ended up doing homework late AND early, so we were jerks and went with nothing.

Anonymous said...

the best is when everyone uses their crock pots and it becomes a crock potluck.

yeah the whole fellowship meal makes it sound like stale communion bread.

Su said...

LOL! I do love me some crockpotlucks.

Inside Out said...

I remember that "album" from 1990 also. I had some friends sang one of the songs from that...You Gotta Do Right is the line I remember, but not sure if that's the title...am I right?
My Blog

Rachael Harrie said...

Ooh, very interesting. I've heard the word "potluck" before, but never known what it meant! Great Challenge entry!



Nas Dean said...

A very interesting post about POTLUCK! Great entry and information!

Adina West said...

Goin' with pitch-in, 'cos it rhymes with kitchen...


In Australia we use the expression 'bring a plate' especially for suppers or morning teas where finger foods and sweet stuff dominate. Mmmm, pikelets. Now I'm getting hungry.

salarsenッ said...

We use potluck all the time around here. Pitch-in sounds a lot more like community. Like it!

Su said...

@Inside Out: Hmm. I'm not sure. I don't think I know that song.

@Rachel: Bring your food & share it. It's a great idea with a funny name. :)

@Nas: Glad you liked it!

@Adina: An excellent point! I also like "bring a plate."

@Salarsen: Me, too. I think that's what I'll go with. Besides, that's what my Grandma says, and it makes my life easier to agree with her. ;)

Zoanna said...

I'm definitely old enough to remember Acapella. Talented band!

At church we used to joke that those meals ought to be called potblessings since no luck has no place in God's sovereignty? We Christians can be soooooo corny! Never heard of a pitch-in, but I like it.

Here from A-Z, btw.

Zoanna said...

Oops. Not "no luck has no place." Ergh!

Su said...

It's turned into pot-bad-luck for me (yep, something made me ill), so would you call that pot-limited-blessings? 'Cause I'm sure I still got some of the nutrients before the rest of it... never mind.