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14 April 2011

L is for Last Minute

I had this great, profound blog post planned for today... but haven't been near a computer until now. So, this is all you get.

I don't usually intend to wait until the last minute, but sometimes it happens. With appointments, with the bus, with getting to class, with leaving for work... from time to time, the last minute is just more appealing than the first minute. (With my taxes, too. That's on the to-do list for the weekend, in the interest of avoiding arrest.)

And in my writing, that gets to be frustrating if I practise it too much. The day rolls by, full of this and that and the other thing, with errands and work and family dinners and laundry, and then here comes the last minute on the horizon. So I race to my computer, trying to beat the last minute to the finish line and get a decent word count for the day. Sometimes I win. Most times I don't.

Methinks it's time to embrace the first minute.

What about you? Do you like the last minute? Or are you at least resigned to it?


AllMyPosts said...

Well, I am a procrastination freak!! so no comments on this!! Ha Ha

with warm regards
CatchyTips for writers

V. Furnas said...

Man, I just purchased my tax software. And I have told myself I will do it Friday...sinking suspension it will be sent Sunday night. But I have every single intention...

Trisha said...

Phew, I know that "last minute" feeling ;)

Anonymous said...

I had this anxiety in college that I'd wait to the last minute to do something and I wouldn't have the energy or it wouldn't come together in time - so I always did up front. I have to say it worked out pretty well.

Anonymous said...

I lived for so long on a mad tear to get everything done on time...then I retired. Now I choose the few things that I am willing to commit to a time frame for ie.. (babysitting/taxes/a-z/special occasions). The rest I decide on a minute to minute basis with a simple criteria. Will everyone be all right if I don't do it right now; will everyone be all right if I never do it; is there something I would rather be doing right now; does it really need doing at all? Life is so much simpler now....no stress....of course, not much is getting done either.

Duncan D. Horne said...

The last minute is the most used, but the first minute is always best :)

Duncan In Kuantan

Faith said...

I think I live perpetually in the last minute. I don't particularly care for it, but procrastination and I are far too well acquainted. I definitely don't WANT to resign myself to it... o_O

Su said...

@allmyposts: I hear ya. No good advice from me, either.

@V: That's probably what I'll do, too.

@Trisha: If we do it long enough, it's normal, right?

@Charlie: I'm doing a combo of the two.

@mybabyjohn: Ah, that sounds lovely. Who cares if nothing is getting done, right?

@Duncan: I wonder if the first minute feels neglected?

@Faith: Yep, great point.

Ann said...

Life often gets in my way. If I don't get the words down at the beginning of my day it is hit and miss later.

Su said...

Yep. Although the mornings seem to sneak by curiously quickly lately, too.