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16 April 2011

N is for Never

There's a reason why "never say never" is such a common expression. I can think of no better way to ensure that something will happen than to say, "I'll never (insert undesirable behaviour here)". So in the past few years, I've changed to saying, "Honey, please stop me if I ever do that." And he is overly-eager to agree.

It's remarkable how easy it is to say "I'll never". It's scary how it's even easier to forget the "I'll never"s when faced with the same situation. I remember when I would never be a runner... and never run a marathon... and never neglect my running for other things... and never buy fancy clothes just for running. Hee hee hee, joke's on me.

Of course, this applies to more serious things, too. Someone is bound to say it, so I'll just get it out of the way: Especially when you have kids. And even though I don't, I've seen enough friends make the transition to know that it's true.

Right now, for instance, I never want to have a car again. But I can go from "never" to "maybe" to "okay, then" in a hurry. So I'm reserving judgement, despite me really really enjoying my bike right now. And doing research on bike trailers for kids. Who knows what the future may bring for us? (FYI: this is not a twisted way of announcing that I'm pregnant. I'm just planning ahead.)

In the meantime, I'm never going to be a millionaire. And I defy the Fates to prove me wrong.

What do you do that you would "never" do? Or, what is your current "never"?


Anonymous said...

Oh I can remember a few I'll nevers....I'll never get married, I'll never have kids....I'll never own a computer.... yeah..right!!

allison said...

I was the Queen of Never in middle and high school! Now when family brings them up - "I thought you'd NEVER do this?" I say "Well, that was THEN." As if nevers have a time limit...

Hm, maybe they should!!!

I still think in nevers, but now I'm careful to not say them aloud =)

- allison writes

Joanne said...

I'm never going back to work! (Until my severance runs out)

Charlie's Church of Christ said...

never going to have 5 kids!!!! I feel confident there though.

(we have a chariot bike trailer which can also convert into a stroller and jogger - and even cooler though this doesn't apply to you it also converts into a cross country ski trailer)

GigglesandGuns said...

Never going to say never. LOL

JEFritz said...

N should be for never say never :). I don't really have a never. Things change, stuff happens, and I want to stay open.

I like that you're planning ahead with the kid trailer. Just in case!

AllMyPosts said...


I told myself, I Will NEVER make a glutton of myself, but I always do the same!! Should try again!!

All the best, become a millionare soon!!

with warm regards
CatchyTips for Writers

Su said...

@mybabyjohn: Ha! Oops.

@allison: I'm sure nevers have an expiration date.

@Joanne: Me, too.

@Charlie: Me, neither. Sounds like a cool bike trailer, though. And hey, someday we may need cross-country skiing capabilities.

@Giggles: Yay!

@JE: Wow, good for you!

@Allmyposts: Alas, I have a similar problem. And remember, I'll never be a millionaire.

baygirl32 said...

I remember getting a dog, and telling my mother I'd never have a child, 11 years later and Kiddo is the most important person in my life lol

Su said...

Hee hee! Glad that never didn't stick with you, then.

Kari Marie said...

Right now the husband and I have said we will never have kids. Funny thing is, the tide might be changing. You NEVER can tell what is going to happen I guess.

Christa said...

Right now, I will never be an Olympic luger. Funny post.

Su said...

@Kari: That's one of those things that I think everybody goes back and forth on!

@Christa: Hee hee hee. Me, neither.