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28 April 2011

X is for Xanthophyll

You know what I love about the letter X? Two pages in the dictionary. That's it. Very easy to read through!

I learned the word xanthophyll from some cute little science books that my parents had kicking around the house when I was little. But it was really cemented in my brain when I finally got around to reading Little Town on the Prairie, my favourite of the Little House books: The town has a spelling bee, and the final three standing are Pa and Laura from Team Ingalls (although it's not exactly put that way in the book) and Mr. Foster from Team Someone Else. Laura gets the word 'xanthophyll', misspells it. Mr. Foster misspells it. Pa spells it out, very slowly, for the win.

And ever since then, I've loved the word. Unfortunately, I have a hard time loving the actual substance referred to: You see, xanthophyll is that stuff that turns leaves yellow in the fall. And while I acknowledge that it's quite lovely to see trees of all sorts of colours, I'm not a fan. I love spring & summer, and the leaves changing colour means that cold weather is coming. I'm perfectly happy with the bright green of the chlorophyll, thank you.

Which do you prefer: xanthophyll or chlorophyll? (Autumn-loving friends, it's your chance to speak up!)


Trisha said...

I'd be the opposite - WOOO, the cold is on the way!! ;) Of course, that's easy for me to say, with the pathetic excuse for winter we get here :D

Wanton Redhead Writing said...

Great X word, I used the internet to look up my X, it came up with pages and pages and pages.

mybabyjohn said...

Xcellent X....I think I saw that episode. Talk about drama.

L'Aussie said...

Yeah, I think I prefer chlorophyll to xanthophyll. Great words coming up for X.


Ann said...

Great X word. I would have to say today....after getting more snow..bring on the warmth!

Karen Peterson said...

Such a fun word to say.

I totally agree with you about the seasons too. The fall leaves are beautiful, but I'm a Spring and Summer girl personally.

Charlie's Church of Christ said...

how cold does it get in Austin, Texas?

Su said...

@Trisha: Yeah, we get a pathetic winter, too. But I knew there were some cold-weather people out there somewhere.

@Redhead: I'm jealous of your red hair! ;) And wow, pages? Glad I used a regular dictionary, then.

@mybabyjohn: I don't remember that episode, but I'm sure if I saw it, I'd be moaning about how they messed up the book! ;)

@L'Aussie: A fellow fan of summer! Yay!

@Ann: Yikes! I'm so glad we're done with the cold.

@Karen: Very true!

@Charlie: Not very, although we did get one nasty cold snap this year. But I grew up in Indiana, so my love of summer is a holdover from my upbringing.

Kerri said...

Great post! Fall just barely edges out spring for me as my favorite season. I love the changes and the thunderstorms in both seasons! I must confess: I love and therefore copied your daily thankful for list, but I "totally" gave you the credit! :} http://practicingcontemplative.blogspot.com/

Su said...

Fall has just as interesting weather as spring, 'tis true. It's the winter weather that comes after that upsets me.

Laura said...

Lol! My daughter and I have been doing the A - Z Challenge and she just showed me your blog. My X word is Xanthophyll too! And I combined it with a contest. Whoever comments with the author, book, and chapter that contains the word Xanthophyll will be put in a drawing for that very book (with the color illustrations).
I love that you had the very same X word!
You're obviously a Laura fan, so I'm going to follow you!