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04 November 2008

And that's the game.

At the risk of repeating what everyone else has already said... whatever you think of his politics, it is a great day for the U.S.

It's about dang time that we elected an African-American to the presidency.

Republicans: Now is your chance to take the high road. Now is your chance to step up. Now is your chance to not act like the Democrats have been acting for eight years. Do it! Please!

And, since Indiana hasn't still been called... go Blue! (Why not? You haven't tried it in years. Besides, it's my favourite colour.)


Nora said...

Blue is a great color isn't it?
I have to admit that I cried last night when Obama made his speech... republican or democrat, this election is something we will be talking about to our kids and grandkids about how we witnessed it!
I am so proud to be an American right now, where we can go from slavery and segregation to electing the first black president!!
This could possible be the most amazing historical thing that happens in our lifetime!

Su said...

See? I told you that you could air your opinions here!

It was a great speech, I agree.

And... Indiana did manage to go blue. :)