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01 November 2008

Just leave the clocks alone, can't you!

I've blogged multiple times about my feelings about Daylight Saving Time. Well, here we are again. I don't care if I get an extra hour of sleep; changing the time totally messes with my head. Just like everything else.

So, in the spirit of not-quite-finished-with-the-obsession, here is my take on the current season of Criminal Minds:

Hotch: Isn't it about time for him to have a love interest, or a relationship with his son, or at least a "Hotch" episode?
Rossi: I'm still calling him "Rizzo," because that's fun for me. Isn't it time we learned more about him, too?
Garcia: What's going on with her and Kevin? We haven't seen him in a while.
Morgan: So, there's a new girl that he's already expressed an interest in. Fans are saying Garcia won't be happy. I say, why not? She has Kevin. Doesn't she?
J.J.: I like where they are going with her. I particularly like that we saw her doing more "work" than usual this last episode-- I suppose in a "look what the team will be missing" kind of way, in preparation for her to go on maternity leave. Still, it was good to know.
Prentiss: Is there a language she doesn't speak? I like her more every week, but I think she is also overdue for a Prentiss-focused episode.
Reid: Yes, I left the boy genius for last, because the writers seem to have forgotten that he is a genius. For the second half of last season, and so far in this one, all he has been allowed to do is colour in maps. I'm a bit worried that they've run out of things to do with him. Although, Wednesday seems to be another Reid episode... let's hope.

So, Wil Wheaton guest starred in episode four this season, and I read his blog yesterday describing the experience. And it was a fun read, which made me appreciate the episode even more.

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Beth said...

I agree about DST. You don't even really get an extra hour, you just get back the hour that they took away earlier.