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06 November 2008

Was ist das?

Yep. Still getting spam in German.

So, I'm something like 37 hours away from my first half marathon. I am nervous; I am excited; I am ready; I am looking forward to noon on Saturday because, unless something goes really wrong, I will be finished by then. I am also totally stoked (don't think I've ever used that word) about my new mp3 player. Yep, this is going to be a fun race.

Naturally, I have been plagued by every minor ailment that I can think of over the course of the past week, so I haven't done any running. I suppose that means I'll have very rested legs come Saturday. Good thing I use the first mile of the race as a warm-up, anyway.

So! I have taken the advice of every running magazine/website/article I have come across, and have practised for race day. I know exactly what to eat, what to drink, what to wear, etc. The only problem will arise if the running club runs out of bananas before I get to the aid station. That would be disastrous, actually; I've eaten a banana mid-run every week, and I don't know how well I would do eating something else. The nightmare situation would be for my stomach to freak out on me, because a freaked-out stomach is not much fun when in the privacy of one's own home. I imagine it would be much less so while in the middle of a 13-mile run.

Yeah. Now that I've loaded you up with that image, I'm going to watch CSI. Happy Thursday!

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