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09 November 2008

Walking like an old person

Yeah, I'm just a bit sore today.

To get off the couch, I sort of roll on to the floor, crawl to a sturdy chair, and lift myself up by my arms (kind of like Nastia Liukin at the Olympics, but without the whole lift-my-legs-straight-into-the-air thing) until I get to a standing position.

Getting down to the couch is much easier; I put one hand on the back, then just fall over. (My hand on the back is to be sure I don't hit the couch so hard as to damage anything. On it or me.)

I'll be sitting still, or lying down (had a lovely nap today), and forget that my legs are very very angry. I'll start to move, and then remember very quickly. With a great chorus of "ouch ouch ow oh holy crap ouch ow geez!"

I still say it was worth it. Has somebody seen my cane?


Ruth said...

In order to leave three comments today, I must say...

It is absolutely worth it. Welcome to the club, you've paid the dues, the stickers cost a dollar.

Su said...

The stickers should be included in the price to begin with.