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04 November 2008

Okay, so it's not ME doing it...

... but it still counts as multitasking even if my computer is working, right?

So... I'm watching CBS on TV. I have NBC open on my computer. I'm importing CDs into the Windows Media Player so I can feed my new mp3 player (the iPod died a couple of months ago, and I wasn't about to shell out that kind of money again). I'm charging said new mp3 player. And... I'm blogging! (Of course!)

During the course of my highly entertaining, edge-of-your-seat voting series, I think I may have mentioned that as a teenager, it was my intention to return to Indiana as soon as I finished aim and get involved in Indiana politics. And had I done so, I would have no fingernails left tonight. Boy, am I glad that God led me in a different direction.

I can't believe my home state is a "battleground" state. As Katie Couric has said about 78 times in the last 30 minutes, Indiana has always been ruby-red. Why must I miss these things? :)

1 comment:

sarah chia said...

I was shocked at Indiana, too. I grew up there, and just moved away 6 months ago.

It seemed like local politics were often Democratic, but on a presidential race... always red.

So, yeah... that was a big surprise.