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25 November 2008

Ya think, Charlie Brown?

No NCIS for us tonight. Bummer.

The trade-off is, I'm watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Had NCIS been on, I never would have changed the channel to see what else network TV had to offer this evening.

There's nothing about Peanuts that I don't like. In particular, I am a Snoopy fan, but I'll watch any of them in a pinch (like when Snoopy is not onscreen).

Snoopy vs. the lawnchair is probably my favourite part of this Thanksgiving special (although the dealing of the food is also priceless).


Nora said...

I loved watching that last night! It doesn't seem like Thanksgiving or Christmas until a Charlie Brown special is on!

Su said...

I managed to accidentially catch the Peanuts Christmas special last year, because it is on in the first week in December. I think Charlie Brown should get to be closer to Christmas, personally!

I loved it, too.