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09 November 2008

Heard at Wal-Mart

"Customer needs assistance in the High School Musical aisle."

I'm sure the customer wandered in by mistake and is now desperately trying to get out again. Right? Anyone???

Seriously, there's a High School Musical aisle? A whole aisle?

And to think people are worried about what President Obama might do to our country.


Nora said...

haha! That is awesome!
I was walking through the Christmas asile in Target last night and discovered... High School Musicl wrapping paper, gift bags, stockings, and ornaments... it was terrifying!

Su said...

I've seen teeny little girls at church trying to do the songs and dances, which just makes me say-- we're not having a TV in the house once we have children.

Ruth said...

Hey now, Susan! HSM is a G-rated movie. I MUCH rather our teens be moderately obsessed with HSM than any assortment of things they tend to veer towards. It's clean, it's happy, and might I say, some catchy tunes. ;)

Su said...

That's no reason for me to not make fun of it.