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07 November 2008

I am smarter than a 5th grader...

... most days.

Chad and I had an animated discussion earlier about previous U.S. capitols. (Meaning capitols under our current constitution; it turns out that there are eight different cities that Congress met in before finally settling in D.C. Personally, I'd be delighted to see the last of Congress in my town; in fact, if someone wants our city council, I'm willing to talk.) Anyway, I said New York was before D.C., Chad said Philadelphia was the only capitol before D.C., and we were both wrong. And I know that I should have learned that in 5th grade, because U.S. History is a 5th grade subject in Indiana. I don't know about California. Anyway, if you're keeping score, NYC was first, Philadelphia second, D.C. third. And there were some other cities before the Constitution was ratified, but you can check it out yourself if you really want to know.

Anyway... I admit that I have never once gotten all the 5th Grader questions correct. I always manage to miss a couple. But so far, I'm doing pretty well against Gene Simmons.


sarah chia said...

I'm going through American history with my daughter, and it's been fun.

I'd forgotten a lot of that stuff, and I don't even wanna think about how I'd fare against kids on that show!

Su said...

I only watch the show occasionally, but it makes me feel smarter than watching Jeopardy. :)