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10 November 2008

At the finish line

My supervisor took one look at this photo and said, "Wow, that looks painful."
To be fair, Chad said I look cool in this picture.
So, here's what I was thinking (kind of like a revolving ticker on a news station):
"As soon as I cross that line I can stop running."
"As soon as I cross that line I can lie down."
"As soon as I cross that line I can throw up."
"Hey, someone is screaming my name."
"Can I run faster? Nope."
"Who measured this course? Were they sure?"
"Where is that dang line?"


Timbra said...

I'm with chad, you look cool and very thin!!! Obviously you've been working hard training! Good job!

Su said...

Awww, thanks! I think it is the t-shirt that makes me look thin, though. :)


Cool stuff. Nice to meet you Su. Wish I could have met you at the 1/2 marathon. Maybe we can catch up again and run together one of these days...