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22 November 2008

My favourite time of year: Shopping Season!

Yeah, that's what I mean when I say "Season's Greetings!"

So, in defiance of Albertson's, Chad and I are about to set out on my favourite shopping trip of the year; we are going to buy our Thanksgiving dinner. (If you thought that by "shopping" I meant anything but "grocery shopping", well, you were wrong. Sorry.)

I love shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. At no other time of year do I buy a turkey (which is brilliant for us; we can freeze the leftovers and still be enjoying it come New Year). It brings me a level of satisfaction that is, quite frankly, worrying.

Then there are the other gems: flour, pie pans, yeast, yams, sage (I LOVE sage!), dehydrdrated mince, canned pumpkin, cranberry sauce (the three things that I'm unwilling to make from scratch), waxed paper, fudge ingredients, hot cocoa ingredients, chocolate chips... Not only is this the shopping season, it's also the baking season. I love it.

I think the reason that I don't bake for the other 11 months of the year is that I go so overboard from Thanksgiving Day to Boxing Day. But if you come visit us in the next 5 weeks, you will be fed well.


Nora said...

Sweet!! I'll be sure to stop by! ;)
I have to prepare an entire thanksgiving meal... We somehow always end up at the in-laws. But she does all the cooking so I won't complain! I cook and bake year round so Thanksgiving really seems like a break for me!
I hope you and Chad have a wonderful thanksgiving together!

Su said...

I cook and bake year round, too, but not to this extent. I go a bit crazy during the shopping & baking season. So, come round for a cookie & some cocoa. :)

Timbra said...

i'm behind on reading blogs due to travel, but late and night when everyone else goes to sleep, despite still "traveling" i'm trying to catch up before we go home and i'm a whole week behind and turkey day is over. so i won't comment on all your blogs, but thanks for the plug. . i was pretty sure when i clicked on "albertson's" i was gonna come back around to myself. . . what a ridiculous list. this evening i said to my mom as we were checking on the pumpkin pie. . . "did you remember to get more oven bulbs?" we all had a good chuckle. happy dancing dead, naked bird, who used to have a face, Day!!! wv: amotisc-i'm thinking this is what i just did with the whole "dead, naked bird, who used to have a face" comment. . . . it's a sort of faux pas if you will!