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17 November 2008

So, just how many of them ARE there?

My supervisor informed me today that the new Bond movie is good, but it is all in jiggly cam. So, I guess I'll be waiting for the DVD-- I'm not sitting through another one of those.

I've also heard that Fireproof is worth a trip to the theatre. Our Bible class chairman actually went so far as to say, "If you only go to one movie a year, make it this one."

Dude. I didn't even go to the theatre for Prince Caspian. Actually, I couldn't even tell you the last movie I saw in the theatre.

Anyway, as I figure it, there must be 10 agents with "double-O status", right? Double-Os 0 through 9? (I would hate to be Double-O Zero.) I mean, imagine being Double-O Thirty-Four. That seems a bit silly. And then after you've been a double-O for a while, you are assigned a letter, yes? (Can I be E? Or perhaps W; that might make for a smoother transition from double-O status. At least I'd still have the "double".)

Pierce Brosnan is my favourite Bond. In case you were making a list, or something.


Nora said...

Morgan thinks the new Bond isn't as jiggly as Bourne... I personally didn't think either was very jiggly, but I don't think I notice.
I never really cared for Bond movies, but if I had to pick I would have said Brosnam was my favorite until now... Daniel Craig is an amazing Bond and I hope does lots more of them!!
I have refused to watch Fireproof because EVERYONE went all nutty about it and told me that I needed to see it to have a good marriage. What?!?! I think that is retarded. I go to movies for entertainment and because I love movies, not so I can learn how to be a better person or Christian or whatever.
But whatever, that is just me! :)
So there are my two cents ...

sarah chia said...

You know, I have never seen a Bond movie - ever. I'm darn proud of that!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Su said...

Okay, anonymous, if you are going to comment without telling me your name, then at least try to spell and punctuate things correctly! This is a very OCD blog! And, if you are going to be jerky without leaving your name, then I will delete your comment. Boy, that was fun!

Nora-- I think it's hysterical that people said you "need" to see Fireproof to have a good marriage! Did you tell them you'll just read the book? Also, I like Daniel Craig as well... so I may have a new favourite after a couple more movies.

Sarah-- I never saw a Bond movie until I went to college, because action movies aren't usually my thing. But, alas, I got addicted. You may be better off not watching them! :)

Nora said...

LOL - Susan, remind me not to make you mad at me! EVER! :)

Su said...

No, no, you can be as jerky as you like, since you at least always leave your name (and I know how to find you... mwah hah hah hah)! Within reason, of course! :) And feel free to create your own spelling, etc. It just annoyed me that someone dropped by to be ugly to my few but faithful commenters, and couldn't even leave a forwarding address. So, I once again reserve the right to use the delete button on my own blog.

Nora said...

WHEW!!! I was worried my horrible spelling and grammer would surely get me kicked of your blog forever! :P Yay!!!