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29 November 2008


I'm on a quest to see how many attributes I can acquire that begin with "C." And then I'll take my act on the road and audition for a part on Sesame Street. Thus far I have cheekyness, craftiness, clumsiness, and occasional light showers of cleverness. If you see any "C" qualities wandering around without a human to call their own, I'll be here all weekend.

Anyway! So here I have photographic evidence that I have been doing something besides taking in vast quantities of sugar.

Firstly, then, the assembled fruits of my labour. (The basket on the right isn't actually my labour; it's just a backdrop.)

And here we have someone else's idea that I was 100% willing to steal. A patient brought enough of these little angel ornaments into the office last Christmas for everyone to have one, and there were some left over for me to pilfer and bring home. I've hung onto them for a year, planning to make some as take-home favours for the Christmas tea. So, this is my first attempt. I don't think the ribbon is quite long enough to be suitable for your average Christmas tree; at least, not long enough for the angel to hang freely, instead of being squashed up against the branch. So, I've made the ribbon longer for the rest of them.

This is also someone else's idea. I've been the office supplier of hot cocoa during the holidays for the past three years; starting on Monday, I'll keep a jar of cocoa in the kitchen until Christmas for my coworkers to enjoy. A few weeks ago, one of my coworkers asked why I don't sell the cocoa. My thing is, why would anyone buy something they can just make in their kitchen? However, I have been assured that people will, in fact, pay me money to assemble a gift for them so that they don't have to. So, I am now taking orders. (And if you'd like to order one-- or a dozen-- let's talk.) The hot cocoa gift pack comes complete with jar, lid, fabric circle, ribbon, and serving size and nutrition information (not pictured, because I haven't finished it yet). I also have three varieties of fabric; red with stars (on the jar), cream with holly leaves & berries, and a teeny red, blue & green checkerboard pattern with gold lines. (Sorry, the picture doesn't really do it justice, but it was the best I could do.) All this can be yours for only $5 plus shipping. (Price is negotioable if I actually know you, or if you really do want a dozen.)

And my final work of... whatever. This is one of two gift baskets that will be a thank-you gift for one of our Christmas tea speakers. The other is just like it. I got these blue baskets in Hobby Lobby's excellent after-Thanksgiving sale today, and decided they were perfect.

There you have it, then; this is how I spend my spare time when I'm not blogging. Or cooking. Or eating.

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