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22 November 2008

Insert Planetary Joke Here

So we were driving home last night, and I thought, "What are those things in the sky? Are they planets? We can't see stars in the middle of town."

Tonight while running, I saw them again, and thought, "Are those things closer together tonight than they were last night?"

I decided that at least one of them must be Venus, because honestly, we see our solar neighbours a lot. I got home and consulted the wellspring of all knowledge-- Google-- and discovered that one of them is Venus! The other is Jupiter, and lo and behold, they are closer together today than they were yesterday. The two of them will be doing their celestial dance for the next week around twilight, so go outside and look west after supper. They will be at their closest next Sunday & Monday evenings (Nov. 30th & Dec. 1st). And, the brighter of the two is Venus, only because it is closer both to us and to the sun.

And if you have a telescope or some binoculars, the stargazing will be all the more enjoyable.

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