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28 November 2008

Red Friday

At least, it is for me. But my Christmas shopping is almost done. I still have to buy for one of my grandmothers, and Chad's family, which is a total of five more people. But, for four of those five, I already know what I am getting. Then, it is just a matter of packing the boxes and mailing them.

Fortunately, since I plan to have the whole shebang wrapped and ready to send by Monday, this will mean we can send our packages by covered wagon and still have a good chance of them all getting where they are going by Christmas. (Except for the one going to Scotland; I'm pretty sure covered wagons are only good on land.) A nice change from the last few years, when our families got their Christmas gifts sometime around spring break. :)

So, the after-Thanksgiving sales are fun. The crowds are-- interesting. The traffic is horrendous. Can't have everything. :) But I was in more stores in one day today than I have been since I lived in Glasgow and used to amuse myself by "shopping" in every store on Argyle Street on the odd Saturday. Man, I miss those days.

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