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26 December 2010

Christmas Gifts, The Earth, and No Impact Man

I'm taking the day off for Boxing Day.

Ha! I've been taking the day off for two weeks. Today will be no more lazy than usual. :)

So, my Christmas gift to my husband was a compost bin, and all the stuff needed to get started. I realise that this sounds like the most bizarre Christmas gift ever, and in some ways it is, but there is an explanation.

It's more an orange gift than a green
gift, really.
A couple of years ago he suggested that we start composting. I refused, explaining that people in apartments don't compost because of lack of places to put a compost bin. (In my defence, the apartment we lived in at the time barely had space for us.) Turns out that I was wrong about apartment dwellers and composting; I ran across this website, complete with directions and a link to this list of things that are compost-able. So, for Christmas, my husband finally got his compost box.

The real tipping point for this gift was my reading No Impact Man, in which the writer and his family determined to make no impact on the earth for one year, beginning with no throwing anything away. When I read that they managed in their apartment to compost, then I decided that we could, too. (Much, much more about No Impact Man to come.)

I got a much less earth-friendly Christmas gift: A couple of running skirts that were on sale. I'm still waiting for the nice postman to bring them to me, but there will be pictures! And I also got a copy of Sleeping Naked is Green, which I guess is an earth-friendly gift. I haven't begun reading it yet, because I'm working my way through the rather large stack of library books I currently have out.

A Happy Boxing Day, one and all!


Mary Vaughn said...

Anxious to hear about this apartment composting thing. I never wold have guessed it could be done.
Happy Boxing Day!

charlieschurchofchrist said...

i'd be interested to hear more about the no impact man - sounds awesome (and unattainable).

Su said...

@Mary: If we didn't have the balcony, I wouldn't have even tried it. But since we do, it really takes away my biggest objection!

@Charlie: It was a really good book! One of the things he did realise about halfway through is that there is a limit to how far people will go in their willingness to inconvenience themselves. For example, when his daughter threw up all over the bed 2x in one night, he decided that no one-- including him-- would willingly hand-wash the sheets instead of using the washing machine.

JEFritz said...

Good luck with the composting! I've wondered about it myself and I'd like to see if someone can make it work.

Have you entered any contests recently? You may want to check your email ;)

Su said...

Hey, J! I checked my email before I saw this comment! Yay!

I hope we can make it work, too, because I'm already planning to make salsa with the tomatoes I plan to grow in our very own compost next summer. :)

Rachel Morgan said...

Sleeping Naked Is Green - now THAT sounds interesting! Never heard of it!

Su said...

In the 24 hours since I wrote this post, I've managed to read it. :) It's a fun earth-friendly memoir, kind of along the lines of No Impact Man. I bought it on an impulse, because it was really cheap on Amazon, but I definitely enjoyed reading it!

Timbra said...

i'm going to have to check out your links because i really want to start composting this year, it bothers me that we don't and we could go with throwing away SO much less (not altogether, but a lot less!)

Su said...

You can do it! Of course, you'll probably want a lid or something to keep your little angels from composting themselves.