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12 December 2010

New Year, New Blogfest!

Yes, I gave in. It didn't take much, really. I saw all those blogfests, and decided I wanted my own. And since Christmas is already SO well covered, I'm going for New Year. Plus, it's a special holiday for some other reason... what was it? I'm sure my husband knows. I should ask him.

So, here's the game! Something disastrous happens at a New Year Party. It can be minorly disastrous or majorly disastrous. In 1000 words or less, tell us about it. Post your story between Boxing Day (Dec 26th) and New Year's Day. Some completely independent judges, who can in no way be bribed with cookies (that I know of) will vote on their top three favourites.

And, we can't have a blogfest without prizes, right?

First prize: Something top secret + an interview + a guest blog post.

Second prize: A fun postcard + a guest blog post.

Third prize: My leftover Christmas candy.

Okay, not really. Third place is also a guest blog post. (Fourth place gets my leftover Christmas candy.)

And, as a backup for my non-blogging readers who will feel left out: Also between Boxing Day and New Year's day, leave a comment with your resolutions. The judges' favourite wins another nifty James Lipton-esque interview.

So, let's start creating magic, writing like crazy, and putting our characters into awkward situations! Leave a comment with your blog link if you'd like to participate, and I'll have a linky widget thing when it's time to post  our stories! And you can take this badge along to tell your friends-- it's no fun if nobody plays!


L'Aussie said...

Oh Su, not sure! Gonna be busy up at the beach and won't have the internet. We'll see. I'll be thinking about a story all the same!

Su said...

Everyone may be blogfest-ed out, anyway. We'll see!

Timbra said...

not going to comment on all the blogfest posts probably, but i did a "blog carnival" for world breastfeeding week in august, oh wait, the week preceding, leading up to a big event we have here to raise money, awareness and educate the public, and I LOVED it!!!! But it wasn't very fictitiously creative, it was more the style I already write in, documentary :)

Su said...