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Monday: Running.
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Wednesday: Transportation.
Friday: Green living.

30 December 2010

Tidying Up

So, here we are at the end of 2010. (You know, in case you hadn't noticed.) I hope your year was magnificent.

In an attempt to get ready for a New Year full of writing and earning all A's and sharing my various journeys with you, I've been stalking all of you (but you already knew that, right?) to see how your blogs are organized. And while I'm not ready to give up the "post every day" thing quite yet (it really is fun for me), I am going to keep a regular schedule of topics (at least for a couple of months) to see how I like it.

I have a few reasons for this: 1) The blogosphere hates unfocused blogs, apparently, and this is an unfocused blog if ever I've seen one; 2) I tend to get on a kick and talk about one topic for a long time, and that begins to wear on even me, and 3) Sometimes I have trouble gathering my thoughts, and having a predetermined structure should help.

Oh, yeah, and before I forget: If you've followed me & I haven't followed you back, do mention it. It's hard to find blogs with Friend Connect.

So! Here's what you will (I hope) see here at Cheekyness for a while:

Sunday: "Sunday thoughts"; posts related to spirituality, God, Christianity, etc.
Monday: Running or college life. I realise that those two topics are only vaguely related, but I doubt that I will come up with a post in both topics every week, so they share a slot.
Tuesday: Of all the memes that go around, I have two favourites: Teaser Tuesday and In My Mailbox. So I shall do one or the other of these two on Tuesdays.
Wednesday: Book reviews. I don't technically know what I'm doing when I review a book, but it's gotten to be a habit. And, of course, I already have a list!
Thursday: Writing-related. This should be interesting.
Friday: Journaling post (I hate "journal" being a verb, but I still manage to use it, ugh), for those bits of life that are too good not to share (or the trips down memory lane that I feel compelled to write out for posterity).
Saturday: Our adventures in Green Living.

And there you have it! I'm still enjoying my free time to come round to everyone else's blog, although after the semester starts I'll have to set a specific time for that once or twice a week and stick to it. Have a very safe, and very fun, New Year's weekend, everybody!


Anonymous said...

let the games begin!

Mia Hayson said...

I love teaser tuesdays! I look forward to the posts :)

Don't worry if things go unscheduled for a while. GOODNESS KNOWS I am very unscheduled myself. I used to have one AGES ago but then I had to remove it from the sidebar due to PUBLIC humilation when we all knew I was blatantly ignoring it.


Su said...

@Charlie: Yep. :)

@Mia: Hee hee-- I already decided not to put it in the sidebar, in case a handy tangent comes along.

Mary Vaughn said...

I'm here -- scheduled or not. I seem to be able to do every day but not certain things on certain days.
Best in the New Year.

JEFritz said...

That sounds interesting, although personally, I love unfocused blogs : )

Happy New Year!

Su said...

@Mary: Yay! :)

@JE: I'm still doing a bit of wandering; I have seven different topics. :)

Timbra said...

that should be fun, i find most of the work of my blog is just a daily update. . . but i don't really care about "those in the blogosphere" and whether they like it or not :) I sometimes write unpublished posts which are more my thoughts on motherhood or a teary moment or something like that, i actually even have ANOTHER blog about green living" which I haven't had much time to work on lately, but in the New Year I think I'll have some thoughts to add there, since I'm finally mostly caught up on my family stuff

Su said...

Since I'm aspiring to be a published author, I kind of need to care about the blogosphere. Which is way outside my normal MO, but that's where I am now.

I'm hoping to make some intelligent contribution to the green living thing; so many green blogs are just dumb, like "turn off your lights when you aren't using them." No kidding?? I thought about doing a green blog way back when I started, then thought that most of what I would add would be common sense... apparently, it is not. So, I'll make it a once-a-week gig and see what happens. :)

a runners' life said...

Both focused and unfocused blogs are great - and yours is always interesting :).
Though I'm looking forward to reading about the topics you have lined up for the New Year.
I'm hoping to add some regular themed posts on my blog too - but nothing is laid out in concrete just yet.
All the best in the New Year!

Su said...

Thanks! You, too! Your blog is also interesting-- since you run more (and faster!) than I do, it's fun to read.