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31 December 2010

Holiday Reading Challenge Wrap-Up

This challenge was a lot of fun. I joined in on a whim, thinking that I wanted to do some reading over my holiday break anyway, and I ended up reading seven books that I wouldn't otherwise have bothered with. (Plus bits of a couple that I shouldn't have bothered with.) Many, many thanks to Nely at All About {n} for hosting this brilliant challenge.

In case you missed my reviews, here they are:

Stories Behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas
Stupid Christmas 
Politically Correct Holiday Stories
The Snow Globe
The Christmas Box
Finding Noel
A Texas Legacy Christmas

Of the lot, my favourite was A Texas Legacy Christmas, with Finding Noel being a close second. You can read the reviews from all participants here.

On a completely unrelated topic, tomorrow is my anniversary. I love you, Chad!

Have a (very) safe and (extremely) fun New Year. And thanks for celebrating my anniversary.


Mary Vaughn said...

WOW! You had guts to marry on the 1st of the year.

A very blessed New Year and my each anniversary year be better than the last!

Su said...

Thank you! We had a Tuesday wedding, as it happened, which really threw everybody off! :)