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29 December 2010

Sesame Street, I Miss You

Update: Timbra won the guess-how-old-my-dad-is postcard! She guessed 57; the correct answer is... 55! And now back to your regularly scheduled nonsense.

This delightful video has been circulating among my Facebook friends:

The really fabulous part, for me, is that I remember this video (it aired in 1981, in case anyone else is curious), although I've always had it in my mind under Mr. Rogers instead of Sesame Street. But now I've moved it to its correct spot in my mental file.

Another fascinating thing about this video is the lack of words. There's a lot of really complex stuff going on, with no explanation. Does anybody still do that? Are there any programs for children with long segments that don't explain what is happening? I just get a sense that today's adults (in general, at least in the US) don't have a lot of faith in children to figure stuff out like this. In fact, I hear "Children don't understand (insert topic)" a lot more often than I hear "Kids can work things out on their own." I think I'd rather be a "figure it out" parent-- at least, about things that don't include fire, knives or electricity-- than a "let me show you" parent. I don't know if that's even still possible.

Do you have a favourite childhood TV show? Movie? Story of any kind?


a runners' life said...

What an interesting post, it's always nice to think back about what we enjoyed at a younger age.
I remember watching Sesame Street and the Smurfs.
In regards to movies, anything from Disney was fantastic - The Little Mermaid was a favourite when I was about 8.

Anonymous said...

i bet there are even fewer people involved in crayon production these days. Cool video.

Su said...

@Runner: I loved Disney movies until Aladdin-- and then I loved that one so much that no others can compare! Completely ruined me for Disney movies! But I loved the Smurfs, too.

@Charlie: I wondered about that when I watched it-- I'm sure it's highly automated now.