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23 December 2010


Chad joined Toastmasters a couple of months ago, and has since been badgering me to come along, try it, and join in myself.

I have no intention of diverting my attention from writing to speeching, however.

But, I did go along to their last meeting of the year, which included a holiday potluck, and as a bonus I brought along Chad's (okay, my) contribution to the spread. And it was a great spread, by the way; the food was fabulous.

None of this at the Toastmasters
For a long time, I was under the impression that Toastmasters make toast. Alas, that is not the case; no half-burned bread in sight. And I was so hoping to have Nutella on mine. Sigh.

Many of them recognised me, because Chad illustrated his "introduction" speech with a picture of me making a strange face, and the Su-ness came through enough that the gang knew who I was. There were speeches, there were critiques, and they all addressed me formally as "Honoured Guest" when speaking. Nice.

Altogether, they're a fun bunch. And I can definitely see the importance of improving one's speech-making skills, but as already mentioned, I'm currently occupied with writing. Besides, I've had a couple of brilliant speech teachers in my life (one in high school--really!, and one in college).

And on the way home, I found out how to get to Hobby Lobby. Now, there's information I can use.

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