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07 December 2010

Sorta Like Sprinting

I'm beginning to feel guilty, because there are people who drop by here thinking they'll get a running blog. And I guess they do, a little bit, but since my last running post was back in October, anyone who wants to read about running has probably been bored.

Actually, that's kind of funny, because whenever I list this blog somewhere (Networked Blogs, BlogHer, wherever), I always list my "tags" as running, writing, college, and Christianity, because in my head, that's what I write about. In real life, that's not what happens, because real life doesn't fit neatly into four tags, no matter what Networked Blogs says.

Blah blah blah distracted-cakes. So I have a mental list of races that I'd like to run someday, and among them is the California International Marathon. It starts in Fulsom, finishes at the California State Capitol in Sacramento, and is very near Chad's old stomping grounds. Plus it's about the closest thing there is to a downhill marathon. And the 2010 version was Sunday... two days ago.

So why haven't I done it yet? Well, the past three years, I've been a bit occupied with the Christmas Tea this time of year. This year and next, the CIM hits right before finals. Perhaps I'll set my sights on 2012; if all one hears is true, I'll just have time to run it before the world ends.

Also in my running bucket list: Loch Ness Marathon, NYC Marathon, Disney Princess Half-Marathon, San Francisco Women's Marathon. And Seabrook Lucky Trails.

Oh, yeah, about that. We were planning to run Seabrook in 2011. Yeah. That was before I took time off of running to study, NaNo, and goof off. I really need running to keep my stress under control, though, so by neglecting my running I've just been voluntarily making myself miserable.

So, instead of running two half-marathons in two days, which is part of the fun of Seabrook, we're going to focus our running craziness on the Austin Running Club's Sprint Series coming up this spring, featuring 5Ks and my favourite distance ever: 10Ks. Back to the speedwork I go!

So, what have you shoved to your back burner?


Meredith said...

Back to back half marathons would be intense! I have a friend who does the Goofy challenge at Disney every year—a half marathon on Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday. I think she's nuts.

Good luck with the 5Ks!

Su said...

Ooh, that sounds like fun. Nuts, but fun. :)

Arthur said...

Feb 5 in Huntsville is the Rocky Raccoon, Jennifer is running, but since she has not been able to train properly in Brasil, results may be questionable. http://www.tejastrails.com/Rocky.html

Su said...

Nice! Thanks!

Adina West said...

I know so many people who find exercise essential for stress relief. Good luck with preparation for your upcoming runs. Way back when I used to run interval training was the one thing I HATED with a passion. A necessary evil...

And yeah, when I'm writing lots of things end up on the back burner including housework. :-)

Su said...

Housework? You mean the little fairies haven't been going around cleaning things for me? Dang!