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20 December 2010

New Year Blogfest

My original post about the blogfest didn't get a lot of interest, so I was all set to say, "Oh, well, never mind"... and then that entry skyrocketed to the top of my "most popular" list. Goodness. Knocked Megan right out of the spot she's had for two months.

So, I'm proceeding. If it turns out some random spasm of Google sent people to my Blogfest post instead of the cute kittens or whatever they were looking for, well, then I guess we'll cancel the blogfest later, yes?

So! Here's my nifty little badge. (I like fireworks.) The challenge is: Write about something disastrous happening at a New Year party. Did your MC's worst enemy wear the same dress as she did? Did the roof fall in? Did the annoying neighbour down the street turn up drunk? Did someone get a hangnail? You get the idea. Give us your New Year adventure in 1000 words or less. Post between December 26th and January 1st (although the linky is open now, so you can really post any time, if you're planning to make next week blog-free).

First prize: I'll feed your mailbox with A Texas Legacy Christmas, and also some bookmarks that an overly-zealous bookstore sent me. Also, an interview (format to be decided once we see who wins) and a guest post on the Cheeky blog.

Second prize: I'll feed your mailbox with a pretty Austin postcard, and you'll also get a guest post slot.

Third prize: Another guest post.

And just to be even-handed, my non-blogging friends can post their New Year's resolutions in the comments during the same time period. I'll draw one from a hat, and the winner gets a blog interview!

Here's the linky (feel free to grab it for your post):


Megan K. Bickel said...

Knocking me off the top, eh? What nerve! : )

I won't be doing the blogfest because I never remember to do them, but I wanted to show my support! Hope you get lots of takers!

Grandpa said...

That 2011 clip art is really nice.

Merry Christmas Su

Su said...

@Megan: I know! It's so rude! ;)

@Grandpa: Merry Christmas to you!

....Petty Witter said...

I love fireworks as well.

Not a writer but I have a real-life New Years Eve disaster story to tell, perhaps I will add a fictional element and enter your competition.

....Petty Witter said...

I forgot to ask if this is open internationally? I will add details to the comp/giveaway page on my blog but it helps to know who can enter.

Su said...

Yes! I don't mind sending things internationally-- I do it often enough anyway. :) Great question!